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Crisp signature, Symfony & Google Tag Manager

June 21, 2019

Crisp is a great tool to have a chat on a website. It’s a french company, it’s VERY easy to install and their people are reactive when you have some questions.

It offers a nice feature : getting user’s email certified in the backoffice tool. Notice the green badge on the screenshot:


Here are the steps to enable the signature on the website using GTM to handle the scripts:

  1. Add the secret key to your env files (or configuration in preprod/prod)

  2. Make it available in the config/services.yaml file:


  1. Create the twig extension - src/Twig/CrispExtension.php


  1. Create the helper containing the ‘logic’


  1. Add the elements to the datalayer inside your twig templates. Here in the of my templates/base.html.twig


  1. In GTM, create the datalayer variables:

DataLayer Variables

  1. In GTM, Create the according Tag which and trigger it AFTER the global crisp tag.

DataLayer Tag

  1. Publish the new version in GTM … and enjoy!


Nicolas Schwartz

Written by Nicolas Schwartz, co-founder & CTO @Coverd, ex-BlaBlaCar who loves to build things. You should follow him on Twitter